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Nov. 6-15, 2023

Our Expert Speaker Lineup:

Reena Vokoun

7 Self-Care Tips Busy Moms Need to Transform Their Health

Dr. Cindy Tsai

Embracing Self-Compassion to Thrive as Busy Women

Dr. Betsy Greenleaf

The Gut, Brain, Vagina Connection

Kate Doubler,

The Easiest Ways for Busy Moms to Detox

Shay Nikkole

Sugar: The sweet danger lurking in every kitchen and how to reduce your consumption

Michelle Diener

Low Tox Lifestyle: creating better health + wellbeing by lowering the toxic load on your body

Laura Lambe

Menopause Explained: The Hormonal Shifts Over 40

Karen Viesta

Detox Your Closet for Your Health

Dr. Karen Cureton

The Savvy Mom’s Guide to Outsmarting Anxiety

Dr. Daniel + Gina Nuzum

Detox for Thyroid and Hormone Balance

Jaclyn Downs, MS, CHC, CD

The Importance of Bile Flow for Hormone Balance + Detoxification

Beth Phillips

Breast Health and our Lymphatic System

Elyse Falzone

Energetic Detox & Why It Matters

Sara Barthel

Microdetox: Simple Symptom-Free Strategies for a Lifetime of Wellbeing

Keri Brooks

How to Recover from

FLC (Feel Like Crap) syndrome

Donya Fahmy

Whole Life Detox: The Path to Optimal Wellness

Shannon Sundberg

How Simple Aromatherapy Can Align Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Emily Marquis

Permission to Rest: Strategies to Improve Sleep & Fuel Up

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